What's New - v6.6.0

WindowBuilder Pro v6.6.0   SWT Designer v6.6.0
Swing Designer v6.6.0   GWT Designer v4.0.0

Enhanced SWT/JFace Data Binding support

  • Support DataBindingContext assigned to a field
  • Custom Label Provider support for JFace Data Bindings
  • Preferences for controlling code generation
  • Added support for initializeContext(DataBindingContext context) method
  • Support for SWTObservables.observeDelayedValue()

Enhanced GWT support

  • Support for GWT 1.4.61
  • Create GWT JUnit Test Cases
  • JUnit GWT Application launch configuration
  • Preference for generating Async interfaces for RemoteServices
  • Preference to Check for Composite default constructors
  • Preference to check for client-side compilation issues
  • Preference to set the GWT tests source folder
  • Search for *.gwt.xml modules in all source folders
  • Improved support MyGWT and GWT-EXT

Enhanced SWT support

  • Support for OSX 10.5 Leopard using Eclipse 3.3.2
  • Support for CmtComponent as value for custom SWT property editor

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Support for one argument constructor in SectionPart

Enhanced Swing support

  • Support for adding Document events in JTextComponent
  • Support for generating/parsing TableModel with cells

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Improved JBuilder 2006 code generation compatibility
  • Optionally add "throws Exception" to widget definition method
  • Generate "fields with initializer" directly on top of type

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Improved error reporting
  • Support for EXPLICIT_PROPERTY_CHANGE tag of BeanDescriptor
  • Copy/paste for properties with custom PropertyEditors
  • Show window decorations by default under Linux and OSX
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