What's New - v6.5.0

WindowBuilder Pro v6.5.0   SWT Designer v6.5.0
Swing Designer v6.5.0   GWT Designer v3.0.0

Enhanced SWT/JFace Data Binding support

  • Support for update strategy converters and validators
  • Support for binding to exposed controls

Enhanced GWT support

  • Support for GWT 1.4.60
  • Optionally create EntryPoint and public resources
  • Support for new GWT bootstrap process
  • Support for GWT KitchenSink example
  • Support for GWT Mail example
  • Add warning for Composite without default constructor
  • Improved support for Linux
  • Improved support for SplitPanels
  • Support for custom TabPanels
  • Automatically add missing default constructor for Composite
  • Support for @gwt.resource in ImageBundle
  • Support for images in CustomButton.Face
  • Support for String[] return type for Constants
  • Support for RemoteServices during design time

Enhanced SWT support

  • Add "Show Headers" option to Table context menu
  • Removed dispose() method from Composite template
  • Improved ResourceManager class

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Added TableColumn to JFace Viewers palette category
  • Added FilteredList to JFace Viewers palette category

Enhanced Swing support

  • Added "unspecified" LAF selection item
  • Render glue elements in menubar at design time
  • Enhanced GridBagLayout support
  • Support for GBL gap columns/rows
  • Show placeholders for bad widgets

Enhanced NLS support

  • Support for ResourceBundle.getBundle(name,Locale)

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Preference to control visibility of Swing widget accessor methods
  • Support for modifier of accessor method
  • Improved error reporting during parsing
  • Improved support for non-visual beans
  • Automatically create JavaDoc for new widget definition methods

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Show window sizing feedback
  • Support for exporting Designer preferences
  • Support for importing Designer preferences
  • Preference to enable/disable determining GUI content type
  • Clear cached images on refresh
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