Google Web Toolkit

What's New - v6.0.0

WindowBuilder Pro v6.0.0   SWT Designer v6.0.0
Swing Designer v6.0.0   GWT Designer v1.0.0

New GWT Designer Product

  • Bi-direction code generation for Google Web Toolkit API
  • GWT Java Project, Module and RemoteService wizards
  • Composite, DialogBox and PopupPanel wizards
  • Support for all standard GWT panels and widgets
  • Support for custom composites, panels and widgets
  • Rich editing for all panel types
  • Matisse-style snapping feedback for AbsolutePanels
  • Graphically layout Grids and FlexTables
  • Graphically layout TabPanels
  • Integrated CSS support (create, edit and render new CSS styles)
  • GWT Launch Configuration and launch shortcut
  • Builder for automatic creation of "async" parts of a RemoteService
  • Intelligent refactoring support for renaming modules and services
  • Internationalization support using GWT-specific patterns
  • One-click WAR file build and deployment support
  • Extremely fast due to using ASM for fast bytecode modification

Enhanced SWT support

  • Enhanced menu support

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Support for SourceViewer

Enhanced Swing support

  • Enhanced menu support

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Added "Refresh" button to toolbar
  • Enhanced usability of property pane
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