What's New - v5.0.0

WindowBuilder Pro v5.0.0   SWT Designer v5.0.0
Swing Designer v5.0.0    

Support for Swing & SWT GroupLayout

  • Select GroupLayout from the Swing Layouts or SWT Layouts palette
  • Position and size widgets using GroupLayout constraints
  • Align widgets horizontally and vertically
  • Indent widgets intelligently
  • Insert widgets intelligently
  • Align widgets along text baselines
  • Align widgets to margins
  • Anchor widgets to the left, right or both sides
  • Anchor widgets to the top, bottom or both sides
  • Set anchors via popup context menus
  • Set widget anchoring and resizing via context menu
  • Align and center widgets using toolbar
  • Set alignment, size and spacing using floating layout assistant
  • Preferences to control feedback colors, popup alignment menus and code generation
  • Ported SWT GroupLayout from Swing GroupLayout

Support for creating and editing RCP ActionBarAdvisors

  • New wizard for creating ActionBarAdvisor classes
  • ActionBarAdvisor palette includes common and local actions
  • Create toolbars and buttons with drag/drop
  • Edit Coolbar and Menus with Actions tab
  • Actions list prepopulated with actions defined in ActionFactory class
  • Drag menu category to create a fully populated menu
  • Update associated WorkbenchWindowAdvisor class
  • Support for ToolBarManager style property

New Palette Manager

  • Configure palette categories and entries with Palette Manager dialog
  • Add categories, entries and separators using palette menu
  • Import multiple widgets from JAR archives
  • Rearrange items using drag/drop
  • Revert to default palette
  • New palette extension points for Swing and SWT

Enhanced NLS support

  • Ask about using old or new value when renaming key to existing one
  • Improved support for default locale
  • Support for VA Java NLS pattern

Enhanced SWT support

  • Enhanced snapping feedback for absolute / null layout
  • Support for Eclipse 3.2 ExpandBar & ExpandItem
  • Support for "Expose control" for menu items
  • Support for the GridLayout(cols, equal) constructor
  • Enhanced GridData code generation
  • Support for Accessibility properties & AccessibleListener
  • Support for adding Forms API Toolkits to any window
  • Automatically add Forms API JAR to .classpath and plugin manifest
  • Added Superclass field to Shell and Composite wizards
  • Basic support for custom static factories
  • Morphing Composite/Group to SashForm

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Support for StructuredViewer
  • Enhanced parsing of JFace dialogs
  • Support for viewers in static factories

Enhanced Swing support

  • Enhanced snapping feedback for absolute / null layout
  • Support for default GridBagLayout insets
  • Support for LAF read/change in main() method
  • Option for displaying grid in SpringLayout
  • Support for "Expose component" for menu items
  • Support for JGoodies Forms version 1.0.6
  • dded Superclass field to JPanel wizard

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Option to set variable name in widget: setData("name", "widget-name")
  • Ignore code in "if (!Beans.isDesignTime())" during parsing

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Option for maximizing editor on "Design" page activation
  • Option for formatting source code on editor save
  • Show "<No Properties>" message when there is no selection in editor
  • Select images from source folders and referenced projects in classpath mode
  • Save property table column widths in Designer preferences
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