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What's New - v4.3.0

Support for creating and editing RCP Perspectives

  • New wizard for creating Perspective Factories
  • Perspective declaration added to plugin.xml
  • Perspective palette includes common and local views
  • Change view locations and sizes with drag/drop
  • Create folders by stacking views
  • Manage placeholder & fast views and view & perspective shortcuts

Support for visual tab order editing

  • Clicking "Tab Order" button places editor into tab order mode
  • Click on components in desired tab order
  • Ctrl+click a component to move its tab position to another
  • Shift+click to add/remove a tab stop from a component

Enhanced NLS support

  • Show widget icons in locale table
  • Added "Internalize key..." & "Remove locale..." actions in locale table
  • Show tooltip with components in locale table
  • Use Enter and Tab to navigate locale table
  • Support for ClassName.class.getName() as BUNDLE_NAME in NLS
  • Automatically sort keys in properties files

Enhanced SWT support

  • Support for alignment to any control in FormLayout
  • Enhanced attachment feedback in FormLayout
  • Show warning when change number of columns in GridLayout
  • Support for scrollbars events of ScrolledComposite
  • Support for icons of custom SWT controls
  • Support for custom SWT property editors
  • Support for SWT customizers
  • Support for cross-parent alignment for SWT absolute layout

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Support for SectionParts
  • Support for properties of buttons on JFace Dialogs
  • Support for "parent" argument of ViewPart.createPartControl(Composite parent)
  • Support for custom FormToolkit's

Enhanced Swing support

  • Support for alignment to any control in SpringLayout
  • Enhanced constraint feedback in SpringLayout
  • Support for morphing to subclass/other
  • Support for "Insets" argument of EmptyBorder
  • Added "Set frame size" menu for frames

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Major performance enhancements (windows open 2X-3X faster)
  • Option for creating Swing components fields in initializers
  • Option for adding 'final' to event handlers parameters
  • Support for "${default_name}" in variable name template
  • Ignore 'null' assignments in field declarations
  • Support for parents passed as arguments
  • Support for parsing refactored methods in any order
  • Enhanced support for factories
  • Support for static methods from current class
  • Don't create default constructors until needed
  • Support for public/protected/default static fields in superclasses
  • Check that variable name is not reserved Java identifier
  • Support for Java5 enum properties and EnumSet

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Support for required properties
  • Preference for highlight/ignore required properties
  • Show class hierarchy tooltip and double click to open
  • New tree-based image selection dialog
  • Support for selecting images from classpath jar's
  • Option for enabling/disabling "Test" action
  • Enable copy, but prevent cut for top level components
  • Minimal support for JBuilder OpenTools API
  • Use better plus/minus images for property table
  • Support for selecting images in projects with multiple source folders
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