What's New - v4.1.0

New Dockable Flyout Palette & Property Editor

  • Dock the Property Editor to the top, bottom, left or right of the design view
  • Dock the Palette to the left or right of the design view
  • Palette & Property Editor may be easily collapsed and expanded
  • Palette & Property Editor available as separate views

Added new Property Manager

  • Important properties are highlighted in bold and sorted to the top of the list
  • Hidden properties are removed from the property list
  • Hidden properties may be toggled on and off
  • New preference page for configuring properties

Automatically rename variables based on text property

  • Rename always, never or only for defaults
  • Specify renaming patterns using text, classname and acronym
  • Use the first n elements of the text value
  • New preference page for configuring variable names

Enhanced NLS support

  • Added flag icons for all locales
  • Support for ResourceBundle.getBundle("name").getString("key")

Enhanced SWT support

  • Support for setting SWT tab order within a container
  • Added BIDI (RIGHT_TO_LEFT) support for SWT GridLayout, FlowLayout and RowLayout
  • Added an Eclipse Forms Composite wizard
  • Added an SWT Dialog wizard
  • Support for direct edit/double click for ToolItem
  • Support for drop down toolbar items and menus
  • Support for ColorRegistry & FontRegistry
  • Support for Eclipse 3.1 GridLayout enhancements
  • New Autosize widget command for null layout
  • Added tooltips for FormLayout popup figures
  • Support for Forms borders/adapt for SWT frames
  • Enhanced support for FormLayout
  • Keyboard navigation for menus

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Support for adding existing actions for ApplicationWindow/ViewPart
  • Enhanced display of ViewParts and EditorParts

Enhanced Swing support

  • Added icons for borders and an option to show them in control tree
  • Show position in title for BorderLayout, JScrollPane, JSplitPane
  • Added support for JGoodies Component Factory and widgets
  • Added JTable on JScrollPane palette entry
  • Support for JMenuBar for JApplet
  • Enhanced support for JTable columns
  • New Autosize Widget command for null layout
  • Added tooltips for SpringLayout popup figures
  • Resize JFrame using content pane handles
  • Improved support for custom Swing widgets and customizers
  • Support for object properties
  • Enhanced support for SpringLayout
  • Support for AbstractButton.setMnemonic(char)
  • Keyboard navigation for menus

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • New toolbar options to evenly distribute controls
  • New Rename command to rename multiple widgets at once
  • New Set Layout command on the context menu
  • New Change Style command on the context menu
  • Option to highlight borderless containers (with dotted outline)
  • Added read-only "class" property
  • Use the Esc key to cancel an add operation
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