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What's New - v4.0.0

Support for the SWT_AWT bridge allowing SWT and Swing to be mixed

  • New SWT_AWT palette
  • Embed any Swing widget into an SWT or RCP window

Support for JGoodies FormLayout

  • Graphically manage JGFL columns and rows
  • Graphically manage cell alignment and column/row spanning
  • Graphically reorder and resize columns and rows
  • Automatically handle gap columns and rows
  • Intelligently convert existing layouts to JGFL
  • Support for different units like pixels and dialog units
  • Support for all predefined FormLayout types
  • Support for grouping and ungrouping columns
  • Color highlighting for grouped columns and rows
  • Floating layout assistant for cells, columns and rows
  • Intelligently merge and split columns and rows

Support for new Eclipse 3.1 SWT elements

  • Support for the SWT Spinner & Link control
  • Support for the SWT TreeColumns
  • Support for virtual tables

Enhanced SWT support

  • Support for SWT DragSource & DropTarget
  • Support for SWT TableItems & TreeItems
  • Support for SWT toggle buttons
  • Support for SWT Cursor property
  • Support for strikeout and underline properties for SWT fonts (Windows-only)
  • Support for new 3.0 SWT RowLayout properties
  • Enhanced SWT FormLayout support
  • Support for SWT color constants sources
  • Support for custom SWT drag/drop transfer classes

Enhanced JFace support

  • Support for ApplicationWindow coolbars
  • Style property support for JFace Action
  • Icon support for SWT Dialogs, TitleAreaDialogs and ApplicationWindows
  • Support for Shell events in ApplicationWindow
  • Support for JFace action accelerator property

Enhanced Swing support

  • Support for custom Swing properties and editors
  • Support for custom Swing widget customizers
  • Support for superclasses in Swing JFrame wizard
  • Support for instantiating custom JTable/JTree/JComboBox models
  • Added support for parsing and editing JTable columns
  • Tooltips for GBL selection handles, with option on preference page
  • Keyboard navigation support for all Swing layouts
  • Support for GridBagConstraints subclasses with custom defaults
  • Support for static method factory for GridBagConstraints
  • Support for custom component icons in tree and palette

Enhanced NLS support

  • Added flag for copying default values in all locales
  • Added flag in "New Local" dialog to copy default values to new properties file
  • Added ability to auto-externalize strings for newly added widgets

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Use Ctrl key to add custom widgets by name
  • Automatically add to Custom Controls palette via Choose Bean
  • Added tooltips for most component properties
  • Support for mouse wheel in property table when design canvas is active
  • Support for copy/paste (Ctrl+C/X/V) in text property editors

Code Parsing Enhancements

  • Support for code hiding
  • Support for default string property value when expression can not be converted
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