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What's New - v3.0.0

Support for Eclipse Forms

  • Create "flat look" user interfaces
  • New wizards for FormPages, DetailPages and MasterDetailsBlocks
  • New Eclipse Forms palette supporting all Eclipse Forms widgets
  • Support for ColumnLayout and TableWrapLayout
  • New Forms API preferences to optionally generate paintBordersFor()

Support for Swing Visual Inheritance

  • Inherit from any JFrame, JDialog, JApplet or JPanel subclass
  • All inherited widgets are visible
  • Access inherited widgets exposed via public or protected accessor
  • Inherited widgets appear in tree with "i" decorators

Enhanced support for custom Swing panels

  • New "Expose component" command to generate accessor
  • Subcomponents appear in tree with special decorator
  • Access subcomponents exposed via public accessors
  • Add new children to subcomponent containers
  • Automatically recognize custom bean properties

New event handler code generation options

  • Create anonymous class
  • Create inner class
  • Implement listener interface in parent class

Enhanced SWT support

  • New SWT Shell wizard
  • New Eclipse EditorPart wizard
  • New SWT > PreferencePage preferences
  • Added support for Eclipse 3.0 Browser widget
  • Added option to highlight borderless Composites
  • Support for SWT Shell.defaultButton property
  • Support for top right control in CTabFolder
  • Enhanced FieldEditor support
  • Keyboard support for FormLayout
  • SWT custom widget support for String[], Font and Color properties
  • SWT custom Item support

Enhanced Swing support

  • New Swing Application wizard
  • Support for JSpinner models (number, list and date)
  • Support for JLabel.setLabelFor()
  • Keyboard support for SpringLayout

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Added Replicate Width and Replicate Height commands to toolbar
  • Preference to control when to use layout grid
  • Enhanced visual feedback for null layout move and size operations
  • Placed wizards into categories
  • Support for source code hint for events
  • Support for arrow key movement in various layouts
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