Context Menu

The Context Menu provides access to commands commonly used in the Design View and Component Tree.


Menu Name


Cut Copy the selected components to the clipboard and remove them from the Design View.
Copy Copy the selected components to the clipboard.
Paste Paste the selected components from the clipboard.
Delete Delete the selected components from the Design View.
Test/Preview Preview the window using a quick test mode. This is ideal for testing the layout and resizing behavior of your components.
Refresh Re-parse the current source and refresh the Design View.
   Add event handler > Implement an event handler for an event triggered by the selected component.

   Style > Change the style of the selected components.

  Set Layout > Change the layout of the selected container.

   Order > Change the relative z-order of the selected component. Bring the widget to the front, send it to the back, bring it forward or send it backward. The command applies to absolute/null layout only.

 Expose Component... Add a public or protected accessor for the selected component. Components exposed in superclasses or in embedded panels can be selected and edited by the user.

 Morph > Morph the selected components into another type. Similar component types are listed. Direct subclasses of the select component may also be selected as can any other arbitrary class.

 Factory > Create a factory from the selected component or apply a factory to the selected component.


Rename the selected components and/or convert them to fields or local variables.

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