Tips and Tricks

Here is a collection of useful commands to make you even more productive.

Directly editing widget text in the Design View

To quickly edit the text property a component, select the component in the Design View, and hit the Space key to reveal an edit box in which you can set the component's text property.

Adding multiple widgets of the same type

Multiple widgets of the same type may be added to the Design View by holding down the Ctrl key when selecting the widget in the Palette.

Editing properties of multiple widgets at the same time

When multiple controls are selected, all of their shared properties are listed in the Property Pane. If not all the selected controls have the same value for a property, the property editor in the Property Pane will be blank.

Configuring the Palette

The Palette Manager dialog allows the toolkit-specific palette to be fully configured. Categories, and entries may be added, edited, rearranged and removed.

Editing advanced widget properties

By default, the Property Pane displays normal properties. To edit expert properties (shown in italics) click the Show advanced properties button to reveal them.

Reverting a widget property to its default value

To quickly revert a property to its default value, select the property in the Property Pane and hit the Delete key or click Restore default value button.

Hiding code from the parser

Code can be hidden from the parser by enclosing it in code hiding tags. This can be useful, if you need to add some complex dynamic code to your layout that can't be parsed by the tool.

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