GWT LayoutPanel

A LayoutPanel implements an constraint-based layout manager. With constraint-based layout, you have independent control over the sizing behavior of each of the four sides of a widget. The top, bottom, left, and right sides can be independently attached to the sides of the panel  using either fixed offsets. This proves to be surprisingly powerful and can be used to emulate many of the other panel types. The LayoutPanel class is very simple and only specifies the margins of the container.

Main Features

  • Select LayoutPanel from the Panels palette

  • Graphical feedback is provided for all widget size and position operations


Graphical Feedback

  • Position and size widgets


  • Align widgets horizontally and vertically


  • Indent widgets intelligently

  • Align widgets to edges


  • Anchor widgets to the left, right or both sides


  • Anchor widgets to the top, bottom or both sides


  • Set anchors via popup context menus


  • Align and center widgets using toolbar

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