Internationalization (i18n)

Easily extract hard coded strings into resource files
  • Click the Externalize String toolbar button to extract strings
  • Switch locales using the drop down list in the toolbar
  • More details docs on Designer's internationalization functions may be found in the general Designer docs
Create multiple GWT messages classes
  • Creates subclasses of
  • Click the String Source > New button to create a new Constants class
  • Specify location and name of Constants class
  • Specify field name to hold Constants class instance
Extract strings to default locale
  • All widgets with unextracted text components are shown
  • Enable extraction for one or more widgets
  • Click Externalize to extract strings
  • Key names are automatically generated based on variable name and string property type
  • Keys and values may be edited in table

Hard coded strings in original source replaced with method sends to GWT constants file

Create and manage multiple locales
  • Click New Locale button to create a new locale
  • Select from the list of locales know to the system or construct an arbitrary locale based on language and country
  • Optionally copy initial strings from another locales
Switch languages to see immediate changes in design view
  • Select the locale from the drop down locale list
  • Text changes in design view are immediately reflected in active locale's .property file
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