Using GWT-Ext

GWT-Ext is a powerful widget library that provides rich widgets like Grid with sort, paging and filtering, Tree???s with Drag & Drop support, highly customizable ComboBoxes, Tab Panels, Menus & Toolbars, Dialogs, Forms and a lot more right out of the box with a powerful and easy to use API. It uses GWT and Ext. You can download the latest GWT-Ext update here.

To configure your project to use GWT-Ext, you can either follow the instructions on the GWT-Ext web site, or you can select your GWT module file and right-click to select the Google Web Toolkit > Configure for using GWT-Ext command. This will add the gwtext.jar to your classpath and module file and ext,js to your module folder.

Once GWT-Ext has been added to your project several new GWT-Ext palette categories will appear:


includes a large number of widgets. See the GWT-Ext web site for more information about the individual widgets.








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