Server-Side Tracing

Speed Tracer lets you view server-side tracing for web applications running on Java App Engine and SpringSource tc Server. This lets you measure performance and timing details of your application on the server.

Enabling Server-side Tracing on Java App Engine

Note: Server-side traces are available only on Java App Engine, not Python App Engine.

  1. Follow the two steps at AppStats for Java to add two XML sections to the top of the <web-app> element in the web.xml file of your AppEngine app:
    1. Installing the Event Recorder - Add a filter section, which gathers information about each request.
    2. Setting Up the Administrative Interface - Add a servlet section, which enables app statistics to be viewed at the URL in step 3 below.
  2. Redeploy your application to App Engine or to the App Engine Development Server.
  3. To check that you're gathering app statistics, go to (For example, if your app is at then the statistics will be available at
  4. In preparation for viewing server-side traces, start Chrome with Speed Tracer.
  5. In Chrome, navigate to your web application that is running the production instance of App Engine or the Development Server.
  6. Start Speed Tracer for your web application. If desired, reload your application to get a trace from loading onward.
  7. In Speed Tracer, click on "Network (resources)". Look for items on the left side with the gray server-side trace "pillpox" icon and drill down from there.
  8. Expand those items to see details of what happened on the server.

Enabling Server-side Tracing on tc Server

Speed Tracer is integrated with Spring Insight, which lets you see how the server side of your application running on tc Server (Tomcat App server) is performing. This combination lets you see the both browser and server trace data interleaved.

  • For instructions, see Viewing Spring Insight Data In Google Speed Tracer.
  • To profile your app within SpringSource tc Server, all you need to do is deploy it there. This can be done via the SpringSource Tool Suite IDE (STS), or simply by running "mvn package" and copying your .war file over to the webapps or wtpwebapps directory within the tc Server install (similar to deploying to Tomcat).
  • To see a demonstration of Speed Tracer, watch the screencast from SpringSource — Speed Tracer is introduced at 5:08 in the video. It shows drill-down capabilities with an example taking you directly into Spring Insight (by clicking the "Trace" link) to see detail trace information such as SQL queries or transaction demarkations.
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