What Is Weave?

Weave is a communications platform that includes the Weave Device SDK and the Weave Server to enable OEM manufactures to connect their devices to Google cloud services:

  • Weave Device SDK (libiota)—Connect your device to the Weave Server with a lightweight device SDK that is supported on Linux, Qualcomm QCA4010, and Marvell MW302.
  • Weave Server—This cloud service provides secure device registration, command propagation, storing of states, and integration with Google services like the Google Assistant.

We’re starting on the device side to help hardware OEMs connect their devices to Google services. We do all of the backend work to manage the cloud and to make it work with Google services like Google Assistant voice commands. If you’re a mobile application developer, stay tuned for future updates.

Weave currently supports these device kinds: HVAC controller, light, outlet, television, and wall switch. We'll be adding more device types.

If you’re just starting out, read through the guides and download the Device SDK. To commercialize your project, you need to complete a few more steps, as outlined in Program Onboarding.

Developer features

Weave developers have access to developer-specific features:

  • IoT Developer Console—Manage all of your Weave devices and monitor real-time statistics of device activations and command usage in one place.
  • Weave Developer app—Control all of your Weave devices from your Android or iOS device. Test your device registration, state management, and command propagation.
  • Command-line tools and simulators—Test device commands and device development.
  • OEM metrics—Gather aggregated, anonymized metrics for deployed devices.


Weave provides definitions for common devices and device traits to ensure consistency across devices of the same type.

The Weave certification program ensures that different implementations of the standard device types offer consistent behavior and a predictable surface for developers.


This documentation is written for the developers of devices implementing the Weave Device SDK (libiota).

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