Enhance your devices with the power of Google

Delight users with voice controls on the Google Assistant

Control devices with simple voice commands and questions, such as "turn on the lights" and "are my bedroom lights on?"

Be part of a growing ecosystem of devices

Weave currently supports the most popular categories: light bulbs, thermostats, outlets, and switches. We’ll be adding support for new devices that users care about.

Connect your devices to Google’s services and intelligence

Weave provides all the necessary tools to connect devices to Google services. We'll be adding device setup features, mobile app APIs, and more.

Weave makes it easy to connect your devices

Weave Device SDK

Connect your devices to the Weave Server with a lightweight device SDK that is supported on Linux, Qualcomm QCA4010, and Marvell MW302.

Weave Server

Provide secure device registration, command propagation, state storage, and integration with Google services like the Google Assistant.

Developer Tools

Manage all your Weave devices, monitor real-time statistics of device activations, and command usage with the IoT Developer Console. We also provide the Weave Developer app to help you test your devices.

Explore Android Things

Android Things is a turnkey solution that provides certified hardware to build IoT devices. It gives you access to familiar tools and APIs such as Android Studio, the Android SDK, and Google Play services. In the future, Android Things will be updated to include infrastructure for pushing updates, Weave connectivity, and more.

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