Technical specifications

This page provides technical specifications about the Waze Ads Management (WAM) API. It covers how the API uses a Global ID space and how to make authenticated calls with the v1/generateWazeAccessToken method. It also discusses the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) system that the WAM API is based on.

Resource name

Each resource is uniquely identified by a name string that links the resource and its parents into a path. For example, the Campaign resource names have the following form:


For a Campaign with the ID 1027082 in a Waze Ads Account with the ID 108404, the name is the following:


The ID values that appear in resource names are Global IDs.

Global ID

The API uses a Global ID (GID) space for all Waze Ads resources, which includes the Account, Ad, Campaign, BudgetPlan, and more. To create a Global ID, prepend a prefix to the regional ID values seen in the Waze Ads dashboard.

For example, API requests to modify resources for a North American Account must prefix IDs with a GID value of 10. If the regional ID of the Account is 5678 (a URI like then the GID is 105678.

Region Dashboard domain GID Value (Prefix)
North America 10
Rest of world 20
Israel 30

Authenticated calls

Most API methods require a WAZE_ACCESS_TOKEN for authentication. To retrieve a WAZE_ACCESS_TOKEN, you must call the generateWazeAccessToken method with an access token and an OpenID Connect user ID token. The Google authentication flow retrieves both tokens.