Error types.

ERROR_UNSPECIFIED Error unspecified.
ADS_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The account has reached the resource limit and can't create any more ads.
BUDGET_BELOW_SPENT A budget plan amount can't be lower than the amount spent.
BUDGET_PLAN_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The account has reached the resource limit and can't create any more budget plans.
CAMPAIGNS_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The account has reached the resource limit and can't create any more campaigns.
DIFFERENT_ACCOUNTS A resource belongs to a different account than the one specified.
DUPLICATE_CAMPAIGN_TITLE A campaign with the same title already exists.
DUPLICATE_INVITATION An invitation for the same account and inviteeEmail already exists.
DUPLICATE_LOCATION_LON_LAT A location with the same latLng already exists.
DUPLICATE_REGION_GEOGRAPHICAL_REGION A region with the same geographicalRegion already exists for this account.
DUPLICATE_ROLE_ASSIGNMENT A role assignment for the same account and email already exists.
END_DATE_BEFORE_START_DATE The endDate can't be before the startDate.
FAILED_DELETE_OWN_ROLE_ASSIGNMENT You can't delete your own role assignment.
FAILED_DELETE_RESELLER_ROLE_ASSIGNMENT You can't delete a reseller's role assignment.
FAILED_UPDATE_OWN_ROLE You can't update your own role.
FAILED_UPLOAD_IMAGE Your image upload failed; please try again.
GEOGRAPHICAL_REGION_DOES_NOT_EXIST The geographicalRegion does not exist.
HIDE_NAVIGATION_FALSE_WITH_REGIONS 'hideNavigation' must be true for an ad associated with a campaign that targets regions.
IMAGE_TOO_LARGE The image must be smaller than 5MB.
IMMUTABLE_FIELDS_IN_UPDATE_MASK Immutable fields can't be included in an updateMask.
INVALID_BUDGET_TYPE_CHANGE The budget plan type can't be changed.
INVALID_CHARACTERS_IN_URI Invalid characters were found in the URI.
INBOX_DATA_WRONG_AD_TYPE inboxData can only be set for SAVE_FOR_LATER ads.
INVALID_DATE The date must be a valid date.
INVALID_EMAIL The email must be a valid email address.
INVALID_FIELDS The fields must only contain supported values.
INVALID_FILTER Filtering is invalid. value is required for all operator values except IN and NOT_IN, while values is required when the operator is set to IN or NOT_IN.
INVALID_IMAGE The image must be a valid JPEG or PNG image.
INVALID_MIME_TYPE The mimeType must be set to either 'image/png' or 'image/jpeg'.
INVALID_MINUTES minutes must be set to 00, 15, 30, or 45.
INVALID_MONEY_NANOS The nanos are invalid.
INVALID_NAME The resource name is malformed.
INVALID_PACING_CHANGE The pacing can't be changed.
INVALID_PAGE_TOKEN The pageToken is invalid.
INVALID_PHONE The phone must be a valid phone number.
INVALID_RADIUS The value specified for radiusMeters is invalid.
INVALID_RECAPTCHA_RESPONSE The recaptchaResponse is invalid.
INVALID_REGULAR_HOURS regularHours can't correspond to an empty interval.
INVALID_REPORTING_VALUE A value specified in the generateReport request is invalid, please see error details.
INVALID_ROLE_ASSIGNMENT_EMAIL The email must belong to an existing Waze user.
INVALID_START_DATE_CHANGE The startDate can't be changed because the associated campaign is live.
INVALID_STATE_CREATE Resources can only be created in the ACTIVE or PAUSED state.
INVALID_STATE_UPDATE The state can't be updated from its current value.
INVALID_TARGETING_HOURS targetingHours must target a non-empty subset of the week.
INVALID_TARGETING_LOCATIONS When set, locations must contain either the resource names of all locations to include or the string accounts/{account}/locations to include all active locations.
INVALID_TARGETING_REGIONS When set, regions must contain either the resource names of all regions to include or the string accounts/{account}/regions to include all active regions.
INVALID_TIME The time must be of the format 'hh:mm' between 00:00 and 24:00.
INVALID_UPDATE_MASK The updateMask must only contain fields that belong to the resource being updated.
INVALID_URI The URI is invalid.
INVALID_IMAGE_URI Image URIs must start with and match the type of the image asset being set.
INVALID_URI_PROTOCOL The protocol specified in the URI isn't allowed.
INVALID_WAZE_ACCESS_TOKEN The wazeAccessToken is invalid. You must retrieve a new one.
INVITATION_EXPIRED The invitation is expired.

The field exceeds its length limit.

Error details contain the maximumLength.

LOCATIONS_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The account has reached the resource limit and can't create any more locations.
UNSUPPORTED_LAT_LNG Locations can't be created at the provided latLng.
LOCATION_OUT_OF_RANGE The latLng is out of range. The latitude must lie between -90.0 and 90.0. The longitude must lie between -180.0 and 180.0.
MISSING A required field is missing.
MONEY_NANOS_OUT_OF_RANGE The nanos must be between 0 and 999,000,000.

The amount is below the minimum allowed.

Error details contain the minimumValue.


The amount exceeds the maximum allowed.

Error details contain the maximumValue.

MONEY_WRONG_CURRENCY The currency must match the payment.currency_code.
NEGATIVE_PAGE_SIZE The pageSize can't be negative.
NO_ACTIVE_BILLABLE_CAMPAIGN An ACTIVE non SEARCH campaign is missing for this account.
NO_CONNECTED_WAZE_USER Your Google credentials aren't connected to Waze Ads credentials. To resolve this issue visit and click "Sign in with Google". No further action is required other than signing in.
NO_DOT_IN_URI The URI is missing a dot.
NO_PROTOCOL_IN_URI The URI is missing a protocol.
NOT_FOUND The resource was not found.
OUTSIDE_ACCOUNT_ADVERTISING_REGION The latLng or geographicalRegion must be within the boundaries of the region set in the advertisingRegionCode.
RADIUS_WRONG_CAMPAIGN_TYPE radiusMeters can only be set for ARROW and TAKEOVER campaigns.
REGIONS_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The account has reached the resource limit and can't create any more regions.
REGIONS_WRONG_CAMPAIGN_TYPE 'regions' can only be set for TAKEOVER campaigns.
REMINDER_WRONG_AD_TYPE reminder can only be set for SAVE_FOR_LATER and SAVE_LOCATION ads.
RESPONSE_EXCEEDS_MAX_SIZE Response exceeds the maximum size permitted. Users should try requesting less data for the query to succeed.
SEARCH_BUDGET_FOR_MULTIPLE_CAMPAIGNS The budget plan is already associated with a SEARCH campaign and can't be associated with other campaigns.
SIZE_EXCEEDS_LIMIT Size of repeated field exceeds the maxSize annotation.
STANDARD_BANNER_REQUIRED A standardBanner is required for ads without a premiumBanner or iabBanner.
START_DATE_PASSED The startDate can't be in the past.
STATE_IN_UPDATE_MASK The updateMask can't contain the state field. Use the provided transition methods to update the state instead.
TRIGGER_WRONG_PUSH_MESSAGE The reminder.push_message INBOX_MESSAGE is only available for triggerTime and delayDuration triggers. The reminder.push_message REACHED_LOCATION_INFO and REACHED_LOCATION_OFFER are only available for the radiusMeters trigger.
UNSUPPORTED The operation isn't supported.
UNSUPPORTED_REGION_CURRENCY_COMBINATION The advertisingRegionCode and the payment.currency_code combination isn't supported.
UNSUPPORTED_MULTIPLE_ADS Multiple ads aren't supported for ads at this time.
UNSUPPORTED_MULTIPLE_FLIGHTS Multiple flights aren't supported for at this time.
WRONG_CURRENCY The payment.currency_code is invalid.
ZERO_LON_LAT latLng must have non-zero values.
TRIGGER_TIME_IN_THE_PAST [triggerTime] [] must be in the future.