Google Wallet Instant Buy APIs

To get production access, sign up using the Instant Buy interest form. Then, integrate Instant Buy with your Android, mobile web, or web app as described in these pages.

Instant Buy APIs give you a cloud-based way to access and store payment information.

Increase conversions by streamlining your purchase flow and reducing the amount of information your customers need to enter.

Keep your existing payments infrastructure and integrate Instant Buy quickly, easily, and free of charge. Pick the right API for your needs, and get started now.


Integrate Instant Buy with your app

Google Wallet enables you to access hundreds of millions of logged-in Google users who can buy with their Google Wallet and instantly purchase in your app. Users can grant you access to their payment information.

Implement Google single sign-on

Single sign-on enables your customers to grant you access to their Google profile information. This data can then be used in the payment flow to simplify login and account creation on your site and help increase conversion rates.

Minimize manual data entry for your users

Google Wallet Instant Buy helps you minimize user data entry by enabling your payment flow to retrieve information directly from the user’s wallet. Also, you can enhance user experience with intelligent auto-completion of addresses.

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