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Digital goods subscriptions

Learning objectives
  • Create orders for digital goods subscriptions
  • Handle server-side subscriptions notifications

This course covers the basic steps required to sell digital goods subscriptions using the Google Wallet for Digital Goods API. Subscriptions allows you to sell content, services, or features with automated, recurring billing.

To use the API, you must provide both client-side and server-side code. The client-side code initiates the subscription purchase flow. The server-side code securely creates the subscription and also acknowledges notifications.

Sample App

To illustrate the use of the API as well as important concepts we will use a sample subscription app that sells subscriptions to digital content. The client-side code is written in HTML / JavaScript and the server-side code is written in Python (using Google App Engine). To get started please download the subscription sample app.


  • JavaScript / HTML
  • Python / App Engine


  • Subscription setup

    Create a recurring order for a digital subscription. Learn how to use a JSON Web Token.

  • Manage subscriptions

    Learn how to handle subscriptions notifications. Test your client and server-side code.

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