Release Notes

Google VR Unreal Integration 1.5 (GVR NDK 1.60.1, June 2017)

  • Released on the 4.16-googlevr branch.
  • Fixed a bug where the laser pointer on the controller lags a frame behind.
  • Added charge indicator dots to track the battery state on the controller mesh.

Google VR Unreal Integration 1.4 (GVR NDK 1.40.0, May 2017)

  • Added support for users to log in to Google Play Services from within Daydream.
  • Added support for Instant Preview.

Google VR Unreal Integration 1.3 (GVR NDK 1.40.0, April 2017)

  • Released on the 4.15-googlevr branch.
  • Upgraded GVR NDK to 1.40.0.
  • Added controller battery functionality.
  • Changed the generated Android apk install script to use the following behavior when targeting Android SDK 23+:
    • For development builds, always grant the app runtime external storage permission, so that the app can read game file without access problems.
    • For distribution builds, external storage permission will not be granted through the install script. The OBB file will be pushed to $STORAGE/Android/obb folder so it won’t require runtime external storage permission to read. Be sure to check the Use ExternalFileDir for UE4Game files option if you need to read/write game files(e.g. save/load game progress) when targeting Android SDK 23+.
  • Added the ability to prevent GoogleVRMotionControlelrComponent tooltips from rendering when they aren't facing the camera.
  • Changed GVRTooltip so that the tooltips are hidden when facing away from the camera.
  • Fixed an issue that may cause a crash when the Daydream splash screen texture is missing.
  • Fixed a bug where in GoogleVRMotionControlelrComponent, the laser wouldn't ever be activated properly if the controller wasn't already connected when the motion controller was created.
  • Fixed the crash when switching viewer in the iOS Cardboard app.

Google VR Unreal Integration 1.2 (GVR NDK 1.10.0):

  • Added the branch 4.14-googlevr. This branch contains Unreal 4.14 with the latest Google VR integration.
  • Added UGoogleVRGazeReticleComponent. This is a gaze-based reticle for Cardboard apps and is used similarly to UGoogleVRMotionControllerComponent.
  • GoogleVRControllerInputComponent has changed:
    • The component has been renamed to GoogleVRPointerInputComponent.
    • Additional events have been added.
    • Existing events have been renamed for consistency.
    • It works with both GoogleVRGazeReticle and GoogleVRMotionController
    • It is integrated with UE4 Widgets, allowing you to interact with standard UE4 UI with the pointer.
  • Added IGoogleVRActorPointerResponder and IGoogleVRComponentPointerResponder. These are interfaces that can be implemented in either C++ or Blueprint to respond to events generated by GoogleVRPointerInputComponent.
  • GoogleVRMotionControllerComponent now checks controller connection status to disable/enable its controller visual when the controller is disconnected.
  • Added the ability to silently login to the Google Play Online Subsystem.
  • Improved the distortion mesh used for rendering distortion pass in Cardboard apps.

Google VR Unreal Integration 1.1 (GVR NDK 1.10.0)

  • Upgraded GVR SDK/NDK to 1.10.0.
  • Fixed a crash on iOS 9 when the GoogleVR plugin is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the Android Permission Plugin where runtime permission requests didn't work in Cardboard apps.
  • Starting this release, the version number of the Google VR Plugin will be separate from the GVR SDK/NDK version. The GVR SDK/NDK version number will be shown in the plugin version string.

Google VR Unreal Integration 1.0.3

  • Upgraded GVR SDK/NDK to 1.0.3.
  • Removed the "Configure for deployment to Daydream" option in Android settings. Instead, set the "GoogleVR Deployment Mode" to Daydream.
  • Fixed OBB files not working correctly with the ExternalFileDirs option enabled.
  • Fixed the splash screen recentering. Now splash screens will always rendered in the forward direction from the start space.
  • Fixed splash screen positioning on the Pixel XL.
  • Fixed an issue where launching a Daydream app from Daydream home would show a white flash.
  • Fixed an OpenGL error when MobileOnChipMSAA is enabled.

Google VR 1.0.2 Unreal integration

  • Updated the Google VR SDK/NDK to 1.0.2.
  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.13.2-release.
  • Added the option Use ExternalFilesDir for UE4Game files to Android settings. This allows you to create save files without requesting the STORAGE permission and should be used by Daydream developers.
  • Added support for the official Daydream controller arm model.
  • Added the official 3D model for the Daydream controller.
  • Added neck model support in the Unreal Editor's preview mode.
  • Improved the Daydream stereo splash screen.
  • Improved rendering performance when MSAA is enabled.
  • Sustained performance mode can now be toggled at runtime.

Google VR 1.0.1 Unreal integration

  • Updated the Google VR NDK to 1.0.1.
  • Updated libPNG to 1.5.2.
  • Added support for handling Android permissions at runtime.
  • Added support for handling VR>2D>VR transitions properly in Daydream apps.
  • The SDK now exposes the OnControllerRecentered event for applications to implement custom behavior when the Daydream controller is recentered.
  • Daydream Controller emulation in the Unreal Editor now handles recentering.
  • Set the back button to close the application by default when targeting Daydream.
  • Fixed: The Daydream controller accelerometer and gryo data is now in the correct coordinate system when used in the Unreal Editor.

Google VR 1.0.0 Unreal integration

  • Integrated Unreal 4.13 with the Google VR NDK 1.0.0.
  • Added Android SDK API 24 support in Unreal Engine.
  • Added a VR splash screen solution in the GoogleVRHMD Plugin.
  • Added neck model support in the GoogleVRHMD Plugin.
  • Added the ability to adjust scene render target size before distortion for Daydream applications.
  • Added option in Platform > Android Settings to set a VR App Tile for Daydream applications.
  • Added support for generating correct AndroidManifests for Daydream applications.
  • Added in-editor Daydream controller emulator support to the Google VR Motion Controller plugin
  • Added functions to get Daydream controller information directly, including accelerometer and gyro data.
  • Renamed scanline racing to async(hronous) reprojection.