Release Notes

GVR SDK and NDK for iOS v1.30.0

  • Fixed an issue with solid green screens on second instance of GVRVideoView. (issue)
  • Added bitcode support to parts of the library missing it. (issue)

GVR SDK and NDK for iOS v1.20.0

  • Fixed BT.709 color conversion. (issue)
  • Fixed duplicate symbols with GTMSessionFetcher and GTMLogger (issue)
  • Consolidated GVRSDK/SDK, GVRSDK/NDK, GVRSDK/VRView sub pod specs to just GVRSDK. Please update your Podfile dependencies. This allows using the NDK, SDK and VRView features of GVRSDK at the same time and prevents duplicate symbols between them. (issue)
  • Fixed solid green screen on second instance of GVRVideoView. (issue)
  • Fixed black screen in VR mode on second instance of GVRVideoView. (issue)
  • Release memory when GVRPanoramaView loadImage is called with nil. (issue)
  • Increase the GVRVideoViewDelegate didUpdatePosition update frequency to 60 Hz. (issue)

GVR SDK and NDK for iOS v1.10.0

  • Cocoapod now provides libGVRSDK, libGVRView and libGVRNDK. Previously, there was a single libCardboardSDK. Update your Podfile to use the correct library. This also reduces the size of the application binary.
  • Added experimental support for Bitcode. (issue)
  • Support for programmatic pairing of Cardboard viewer. This only works if the user has not paired a viewer themselves. (issue)
  • Added hiding the info button on GVRWidgetViews.
  • Added hiding the transition view on GVRWidgetViews and GVRCardboardView.
  • Added documentation for iOS NDK (libGVRNDK).
  • GVRWidgetView based widgets show the transition view once per process. (issue)
  • Update VR UI layer to match that of Android.
  • Renamed GVRVideoView resume method to play’ method.
  • Added playableDuration field to GVRVideoView.
  • Changes the default behavior of GVRVideoView to pause the video right after loading. Call play to start playing. (issue)
  • Fixed head tracking when a video is paused. Now the user can look around a paused video.
  • Fixed memory leak when GVRPanoramaView is used in a UICollectionView. (issue)
  • Added playableDuration property to GVRVideoView. (issue)

Google VR SDK for iOS v1.0.1

  • Fixed memory leak during playback in GVRVideoView.

Google VR SDK for iOS v1.0.0

  • GVRVideoView now has a volume property.
  • Fixed memory leak when reloading video in GVRVideoView.
  • Upgraded VideoWidgetDemo app’s storyboard to Xcode 8 format to fix scrolling in the app.
  • Added the NSCameraUsageDescription key to the example app’s Info.plist. This is needed to use the camera to scan the QR code of a Cardboard viewer.
  • Added the Metal material type to surface materials of GVR audio rooms.
  • Added a no distance attenuation option to distance rolloff methods for sound object sources.
  • Fixed reverb gain parameter adjustments to ensure smoother transitions.
  • Major performance improvements in binaural rendering of spatial audio sources.

GVR SDK for iOS v0.9.0

Spatial audio changes

  • Added support for playback of stereo sources.
  • Added SetAmbisonicRotation() method to enable the rotation of ambisonic soundfield sources.

VR View changes

  • Added API to get the rotation angles (yaw, pitch) of the user's head.
  • Added API to change display mode (embedded, fullscreen, or fullscreen stereo) programmatically.
  • Added support for manual override of the view's yaw via touch gestures. This is enabled by default but can be disabled.
  • Fixed following issues:

GVR SDK for iOS v0.8.5

  • Added option in VrVideoView to specify that a streamed video is stereoscopic or monocular.

  • Fixed a bug where setting enableFullscreenButton to false would not correctly remove the fullscreen icon. (Github issue)

GVR SDK for iOS v0.8.1

  • Improved performance on fullscreen to embedded transitions for VR view.
  • Fixed bug on iOS 8 where skipping the QR code scanning flow would break VR view.

GVR SDK for iOS v0.8

  • CardboardSDK renamed to GVRSDK.
  • Changed the class prefix from GCS to GVR, ex: GVRCardboardView.h.


  • Fixed Video VR View invalid layout after reloading video in VR mode. (Github issue)
  • Fixed crash when parsing certain videos. (Github issue)


  • Ability to toggle between VR and non-VR mode for VR Views.
  • Updated Podfile for samples to work with Cocoapods 1.0. (Github issue)
  • Added GetOutputData() to CardboardAudioSource. (Github issue)

Cardboard SDK for iOS v0.7.1

  • Fixed crash caused by memory exhaustion when loading large videos.

  • Assume video is 360 mono when no spherical metadata is found inside the video file.

Cardboard SDK for iOS v0.7.0

  • First release.

  • Provides VR View classes for rendering 360 Panorama images and videos.

  • Provides API for rendering 3D graphics in VR (stereo) mode.

  • Added audio engine to spatialize sound sources in 3d space. See how this engine is used in the Treasure Hunt sample code to help the user locate cubes in the scene thanks to spatial sounds coming from each cube.

Known issues

  • The SDK does not support the Xcode Simulator.
  • The SDK does not support Metal graphics library.