Getting Started

Application Requirements

Applications that use this interface must abide by all existing Terms of Service. Most importantly, you must correctly identify yourself in your requests.

Requests can only be made on behalf of an end user. All results must be displayed.

Results must display "Powered by Google" branding as implemented via .getBranding.

Applications must always include a valid and accurate HTTP referer header in their requests.


This documentation is intended for developers who wish to add Video Search functionality to their pages using the Google Video Search APIs.

The Developer's Guide assumes a minimal level of JavaScript understanding. Target developers are primarily using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The JSON Developer's Guide supports Flash developers, as well as developers who want to access the Video Search API via the REST with JSON interface in other languages.

The Class Reference concisely lists the methods, properties, and styles associated with the Video Search API.


The Google Video Search API is a special implementation of the Video Search service. The constructor for Video Search is You will use for most calls related to this API. However, certain methods require the Google Search API base constructor These special cases are noted in the documentation; as a rule, you should use

The Developer's Guide provides a step-by-step approach to implementing the basic functionality of this API. The Class Reference concisely describes the available classes. The JSON Developers guide provides a reference for any language that can handle a JSON-encoded result set with embedded status codes.