Chrome V8


This document describes how to run a set of JavaScript benchmarks that demonstrate V8's performance. Equivalent benchmarks have been used for other object-based languages, they are intended to reflect the performance of well-structured object-based applications.

The benchmark suite does not cover all JavaScript features, which means the performance improvement you will experience with your own applications might be different from that indicated by the benchmarks. Please also keep in mind that the benchmarks reflect pure JavaScript performance while web applications running in a web browser have tasks other than JavaScript to contend with, such as: waiting for a network connection, manipulating the Document Object Model and rendering pages.

The benchmarks are described in the V8 Benchmark Suite page.

Note: To prevent hanging the browser, Internet Explorer limits the number of JavaScript statements that can be executed in case of too long running scripts whereas most other browsers limit the amount of time a script can run. Though the V8 benchmark suite runs each benchmark for just one second, this may be enough to hit the statement limit in Internet Explorer, especially on really fast hardware.

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