Google TV

Google TV Web Site Optimization Checklist

  1. Display Guidelines
  2. Design Guidelines
  3. Navigation Guidelines
  4. Miscellaneous Guidelines

Summary of guidelines to review before deploying your site, but not comprehensive.


Site is tested and confirmed to work correctly on 720p resolution

Site is tested and confirmed to work correctly on 1080p resolution

Site renders properly with auto-zoom enabled (regardless of resolution)

Site loads with minimal latency ( < 3 seconds)

Site uses relevant visual queues to indicate that content is loading

Site does not use or display scrollbars anywhere [CSS overflow:hidden should be used]

Navigational queues, arrows, clickable page numbers, etc should be used instead.

All assets load within the confinements of the parent container with at least 10% of padding


Site colors display well in TV (use your best judgement for this)

Site incorporates edge padding to protect against overscan

All graphics render correctly with no pixelation for both 720p and 1080p resolutions

All text elements are legible (i.e., text is large enough to be easily read from 10 feet away)

No use of bright whites, reds, and oranges (prevents color distortion)

No text smaller than 18pt on 720p and 24pt on 1080p

Site (including Form elements) can be navigated easily with D-Pad

Mouse use is not required for navigation, including default pagination elements

Selectable elements provide a visual queue when selected

Splash screen or help menu to aid the user on how to navigate the site (optional)

Video and audio media players:

Display transport controls (required)

Display full screen capability via icon/menu (optional)

Display media play length and current play location (optional, but recommended)

Respond to transport control buttons on input device (strongly recommended): 178: stop | 176: next | 177: previous | 179: play | 179: pause

D-Pad enter button and mouse click should have same behavior

Scrolling: responds to D-Pad

Paging elements: respond to D-Pad

Provide an easy way to navigate back to the Home page

Esc key should remove user from a pop-up (and remove pop-up) and/or exit full screen

Implement BACK/FORWARD navigation in your browser location history (see tutorial) to avoid a scenario where users leave your web app unintentionally


Site provides links to appropriate legal resources (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc.)

Site/server(s) refer users to TV-optimized web site via user agent (GoogleTV)

Non-user facing bug/error reporting mechanism (provide info/feedback to Google TV DevRel)

Be sure to provide Google information about video content on your site (see guideline for creating a Video Sitemap)

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