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Optimize your website for Google TV

Google TV is based on Android but comes equipped with the Chrome browser so that users can readily access all websites on the Internet. However user experiences may not be optimal for generic websites originally intended for desktop users. It is highly recommended that developers design a "10-foot UI" that looks great and is easily navigable to fit the special requirements on Google TV. We have compiled a set of design and implementation tips, checklists, tools, templates, and libraries, articles and code samples, as well as optimized websites featured in Google TV Spotlight and demo gallery of websites submitted by fellow developers.

Developer Guide

This guide consists of four sections below and it is a quick and easy way to get familiar with Google TV design, technical tips for web optimization, a short checklist, plus Flash guidelines.

Tools & Libraries

This section contains HTML5 and Flash versions of Google TV Templates, ideally suited for video contents, and the Google TV Web UI libraries, designed for fully interactive web apps.

  • Google TV Optimized Templates, a collection of HTML5 and Flash pages that are already optimized for Google TV. You can use these as the basis of your website.
  • The Google TV Web UI libraries, which provide controls and keyboard navigation solutions for both jQuery and Closure. You can use these to help develop your own custom website.

Developer Resources

This section contains articles and code samples for developing Google TV web apps. Additional resources are available on for technical questions about Google TV, provided by Google TV Developer Relation team and community experts.

  • Articles on development tips, UI libraries, Templates as well as partners' experiences.
  • Code samples provide a collection of useful sample code organized in categories of UX, Navigation, jQuery, Closure, and Templates.
  • Google TV on for developers to ask questions and share expertise and wisdoms.

Spotlight & Gallery

This section covers Google TV Spotlight, which features web apps developed by partners, and Demo Gallery, which highlights web apps submitted by users. Both of them are curated by Google TV team.

  • Google TV Spotlight features dozens of optimized websites in six categories
    • TV&Movies: Crackle, EPIX, SnagFilms, mSpot
    • Vimeo, Funny or Die, Metacafe, Short Form
    • News: NY Times, CNet, CNN, The Guardian, The Onion, and Newslook
    • Games: Poker Fun, Play Games, IGN
    • Music: Karaoke Channel, iHeartRadio, Moshcam
    • Lifestyle: Khan Academy, NHL, NPR in Lifestyle
  • Demo Gallery showcases optimized websites submitted by developers.
  • Submit a website option allows you to submit your optimized websites for Google TV.
How do I start?
Developer starter guide
  1. Learn how to design for TV
  2. Refer to our implementation tips
  3. Review the optimization checklist
  4. Read the Flash optimization tips
Google TV Templates for Content Google TV UI libraries for interactive apps

The Web Optimized for TV

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