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Video search is increasingly important in helping users find what they’re looking for. Google TV's Quick Search Box and TV & Movies app are just two of the tools that help users find their video content that is available on a linear broadcast or online on your website.

  1. Google TV search modes
  2. “Traditional” search on
  3. TV & Movies and Video search

Google TV search modes

When a user enters a query the Quick Search Box (QSB) on Google TV, they will spark a number of different processes that will surface results. The first result with the blue magnifying glass shows results for just TV, Movies and Video. The second result with the multicolor g icon will surface traditional results. After these results you can see results from various registered search providers enabled by the user.

Those search providers can be implemented by 3rd party applications and allow developers to contribute their own application's search results to the global (QSB) search. For more info on Search Providers see the(Android QSB article.)

An additional mechanism for helping users find video content is through Google TV’s TV & Movies app. The results are similar to what is found through the first result in the QSB, but the experience is more of a filtered search or browse than that of the QSB experience.

“Traditional” search on

Each day, Google connects millions of users to all types of videos - from 30-second clips to full-length TV episodes. We do this using our video index, which holds all of Google’s knowledge about videos on the web. When a user conducts a search on Google TV using the QSB or through search on in the Chrome browser, Google pulls relevant videos from its index and displays them in search results. Our index is constantly updated as Google discovers new videos. Your videos must be in Google’s index in order to show up in search results.

TV & Movies and Video search

Google TV is blending online content with traditional TV content. There is a chance that a specific movie a user would like to see could be found on a linear broadcast channel as well as online. We want to ensure that the user is given all the options we know about for viewing that movie. So to integrate the online and linear content we do some curation of the data from before we make it available on the TV & Movies app. This requires some additional meta data in order for your videos to pass these extra steps.

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