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Google TV Presentations 2012
Christian Kurzke
What Is Google TV
Developing For Google TV
Controlling Media Devices
Polishing Your App For TV
Streaming To Google TV
Advanced Streaming to Google TV

San Francisco Android Users Group January 2012 Meetup: The Big Picture: Learn how to develop apps for Google TV
Christian Kurzke, January 31, 2012
First phones. Then tablets. Now TVs. Your Android app can run on all of them... if you write it carefully and follow the rules. Christian's presentation will give an overview of the latest version of Google TV with Android Honeycomb, and give developers guidelines how their apps can stand out of the crowd on the Family TV.
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Silicon Valley Google Technology Users Group February 2012 Meetup: Building Great Apps for Google TV
Paul Saxman February 1, 2012
Google TV brings two great open apps platforms, Chrome and Android, to the biggest screen and best sound system in most households. In this meetup, Paul will provide an overview of Google TV, will pass on some tips and tricks for building great Android apps for big screens, and will talk about the best ways to get apps onto users' TVs. For the remainder of the evening, Paul will be on hand to chat with developers about their apps how to make them look great on Google TV.

Android Developer Labs 2011: Developing Android applications for Google TV
Paul Saxman September 2, 2011

Google I/O 2011: Building Web Apps for Google TV
Chris Wilson and Daniels Lee May 11, 2011
Learn about the Google TV platform and the opportunity to build web apps for the platform using HTML5 or Flash. Session includes an overview of the platform, best practices, demos, and a discussion about the opportunities for developers to build killer apps for Google TV.
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Google I/O 2011: Developing Android Applications for Google TV
Christian Kurzke and Jason Bayer May 11, 2011
Learn how to create new apps or enhance existing Android apps for Google TV. Session includes an overview of the platform, best practices, demos, and discussion about the fantastic opportunities Google TV creates for developers.
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Google I/O 2011: Google TV, The New Frontier for App Development
Christian Kurzke and Paul Saxman May 9, 2011
In this talk, we will answer the question: How do you get your application into the living room? First, we describe the different ways a developer can create an application for Google TV, from optimized Web pages to customized Android applications. Then, in the main part of the session we will focus on Android development and explain some of the unique features of developing for TV devices. After reviewing this session you will know some of the best practices how to develop Android applications for Google TV.
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Ji-V Hackathon & Workshop 2011: Developing for Google TV
Chris Wilson January 15, 2011

Google Developer Day 2010: Create your Android app to run on every device
Christian Kurzke November 9, 2010

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010: Google TV, Bringing the television and the web together at last
Andres Ferrate October 9, 2010

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