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Supported Media Formats

  1. Android 3.x formats and Google TV
  2. Google TV formats

Android 3.x formats and Google TV

Google TV supports the same media and container formats available in Android 3.x (Honeycomb). It also adds support for DD/AC3 encoding and decoding, which are used by DIVX, MP4, and AVCHD. The next section lists the supported media and container formats.

Google TV formats

Google TV devices support the media and container formats listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Media and container formats supported in Google TV
Type Format/Codec Encoder Decoder Details Supported file types/container formats
Honeycomb TV Honeycomb TV HW
Audio AAC LC/LTP Yes Mono/Stereo content in any combination of standard bit rates up to 160 kbps and sampling rates from 8 to 48kHz
  • MP4 (.mp4, .m4a)
  • AVI (.avi)
  • Flash (.flv)
  • Quicktime (.mov, .qt)
  • Matroska (.mkv, .mka)
No support for raw AAC (.aac)
HE-AACv1 (AAC+) Yes
HE-AACv2 (enhanced AAC+) Yes
MP3 Yes Mono/Stereo 8-320Kbps constant (CBR) or variable bit-rate (VBR)
  • MP3 (.mp3)
  • AVI (.avi)
  • Flash (.flv)
  • Quicktime (.mov, .qt)
  • Matroska (.mkv, .mka)
DD/AC3 Yes DIVX(.divx), MP4 (.mp4), AVCHD (.mts)
WMA Yes ASF (.asf, .wma, .wmv)
DTS Yes No support for raw DTS
Image JPEG Base+progressive JPEG (.jpg)
GIF GIF (.gif)
PNG PNG (.png)
BMP BMP (.bmp)
Video H.263 Opt Sorenson 3GPP (.3gp), FLV (.flv)
H.264 AVC Yes
  • H.264 supports High Profile (HiP) 4.1
  • H.264 Baseline Profile (BP) for AVI has limited B-frame support
  • 3GPP (.3gp)
  • MP4 (.mp4)
  • MPEG TS (.ts)
  • Matroska (.mkv)
  • AVI (.avi)
  • Flash (.flv, .f4v)
  • Quicktime (.mov)
  • AVCHD (.mts)
MP4 (SP and ASP) Yes 3GPP (.3gp), AVI (.avi), MP4  (.mp4). DivX (.divx), MPEG TS (.ts)
VP6 (Yes) Optional HW Accel on CE4100 SOC (Sodaville) Flash (.flv)
WMV9/VC-1 Yes ASF (.wmv, .asf), MPEG TS (.ts)

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