Google TV


Google TV applications are Android applications, and you develop them with Android application development tools. If you're new to Android application development, first read the introductory chapters of the Android Developers Guide.

Once you're familiar with the basics of Android application development, come back to this topic to learn about Google TV-specific development.

  1. Setting Up Your Google TV development environment:
    1. Basic Setup
    2. Google TV Add-On
    3. Google TV Emulation
    4. Hardware Devices
  2. If your application interacts with Live TV, read about how to get a list of available channels, and how to programmatically change channels:
    1. Channel Listing Provider
  3. Changing to a Channel

When you are ready to run your application on Google TV device or publish to the Google Play Store, make sure your application is configured correctly:

  1. Android Manifest
  2. Ensure that the features your application needs are supported on Google TV: Feature Support

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