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Channel Changing

This sample application shows how to retrieve a list of channels from the ChannelListing content provider and display them in a ListView. It also demonstrates how to send a channel changing Intent.
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Left Navigation bar Library and Sample app

Include the Left navigation bar library in your GoogleTV application to set up action items on the left side of the screen. This works well when your Activity has content that scrolls vertically. In that case putting action controls in the ActionBar on top might result in a poor user experience because users will have to scroll all the way to the top to use the action controls. Check out the Left navigation bar sample app to see how to simple it is to include the left navigation bar in your app.
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Maps on TV

The basic map application which let you search the location on map. Ability to change the map mode to satellite and traffic modes. Simple pan and zoom functionality is available.
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This sample application demonstrates how notifications display differently on Google TV compared to notifications on other devices.
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This sample app lets users browse photos of places around the world. It is a simple Google TV client for Google Panoramio service.
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To BUILD the project with Eclipse:
  1. Import the LeftNavBarLibrary library project into Eclipse.
  2. Import Panoramio project into Eclipse and update its properties:
    In Properties for Panoramio > Android > Library > Add , select LeftNavBarLibrary.
The app source code demonstrates how-to:
  • Use Left navigation bar.
  • Make UI D-pad navigable.
  • Use Fragments to make good use of landscape screen space.
  • Use StateListDrawables to visually indicate focussed and selected items.
  • Manage downloading and displaying high resolution images on Google TV.
  • Using AsyncTask for network operations.

Picasa Notifier

Picasa Notifier enables users to view public Picasa photos of any Picasa user and get notified when the user adds new public photos. This app shows you how to use Hardware Accelerated transitions to create slideshow animations, cache bitmaps for better performance and download bitmaps asynchronously using the ExecutorService.
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USB Host ProberNew!

This sample application displays a list of attached USB devices which are compatible with Google TV. The user selects a device from the list of devices, to view detailed information about the USB interfaces and endpoints supported by that device.
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This sample application displays a list of videos available on a remote server. The app gets the list of videos from the server in the form of a JSON object. It parses the object, and then for each video it displays an annotated thumbnail with annotations for the videos. The user selects a video from the list of thumbnails using the d-pad, and the app launches a new activity to play the selected video.
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