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Why Develop Android Apps for Google TV?

Google TV brings apps and web access together with live TV.

Why build an Android app for Google TV? Traditionally, apps have been developed for desktop PCs and mobile phones. Google TV is an innovative new platform for apps that enhances the TV viewing experience by providing sports, multimedia, lifestyle, social and other applications specially designed for TVs. Its a smarter way of viewing television.

Moreover, it's an open development platform. You can develop apps that have the potential to reach millions of TV users worldwide.

Google TV apps can take advantage of the high resolution TV screen to provide a rich user experience. They can enable consumers to engage in a variety of experiences such as watching videos, playing games, listening to music, interacting with their friends, tracking their favorite stocks or sports teams and staying current on news and information right on their TV.

Getting Started

This part of the Google TV Developers Guide is for developers who are creating or migrating Android apps to Google TV.

If you're new to Android, start with the Android Developers Guide, which will help you understand the Android platform and how to write applications for it. Once you have some familiarity with Android development, start with this Developer Guide.

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