Comparison with the previous feed spec

Notable new features

Options per product

Each product can now contain multiple product options. Each option can be used to represent a particular product sub offering. For example same tours with small variations: with or without audio guides, or food options, different departure locations, etc. Each option may have independent title, pricing and deeplinks, and additional details such as option description and highlights

List and product view landing pages per option

Deeplinks can now be defined on a per Option basis, allowing partners to specify various landing pages per product option if they so choose.

In addition, partners can begin to provide multiple landing pages for each product, including both product pages and list/category pages, both of which must comply with our Things to do policies. At least one landing page (product page or list/category page) is required.

URL templates

Deeplink URLs now support templates. Google uses templated parameters to pass information such as selected language, currency and product option to partners. Template parameters can also be used for partners to track if the deeplink is triggered from Things to do ads or search.

Each Option now accepts two deeplinks: landing_page and landing_page_list_view. See Landing page guidelines to see how the different links are used.

Richer attributes for describing option offerings

A number of additional attributes can now be associated with each option:

  • Meeting point
  • Duration
  • Languages the activity is offered in
  • One or more categories describing the product

Each Option defined under a product now can have one or more locations associated with it. These locations will help Google more accurately determine the related points of interest for each product Option and allow newly added products and options to be processed much more quickly.

Operator and inventory type

Each Product can now be associated with an Operator (with contact details as replacement for brand_name) and InventoryType describing the type of inventory. These will be only available to allowlisted partners with valid business reasons to use those fields.

Summary of major changes vs v0 feed spec

Field name Comment
Existing Fields
FeedMetadata/shard_number Renamed to FeedMetadata/shard_id
FeedMetadata/total_shards Renamed to FeedMetadata/total_shard_count
FeedMetadata/timestamp Removed, it is encouraged to use timestamp as the value for nonce
FeedMetadata/processing_instruction PROCESS_AS_COMPLETE replaced by PROCESS_AS_SNAPSHOT
ServiceFeed Renamed to ProductFeed
Service Renamed to Product
service/service_id Renamed to product/id
service/localized_service_name Renamed to product/title
service/localized_description Renamed to product/description
service/rules Removed, cancelation policy moved to product/options
service/price Removed, prices moved to product/options/price_set
service/action_link Removed,urls moved to product/options/landing_page and product/options/landing_page_list_view
service/related_media Caption field removed, PHOTO changed to MEDIA_TYPE_PHOTO, attribution is now a text field, captions are removed
service/tours_and_activities_content Removed, replaced by product/product_features & product/options/option_features
service/ticket_type Replaced by product/options/price_options
service/rating value renamed to average_value, number_of_ratings renamed to rating_count
service/brand_name Removed, replaced by: product/operator
New Fields
product/product_features new
product/options new
product/product_categories new
product/inventory_type new