Revision History

Revision History

August 22, 2018

  • Added 'feed_contact_email' and 'feed_contact_url' fields in the 'feed_info.txt' file. See: discussion

December 11, 2017

  • Added 'route_sort_order' field in the 'routes.txt' file. See: discussion

March 16, 2016

February 3, 2016

  • Added agency.txt 'agency_email' proposal to spec: discussion

February 2, 2015

  • Added stop_times.txt 'timepoint' proposal to spec: discussion

February 17, 2014

  • Added trips.txt 'bikes_allowed' proposal to spec: discussion

October 15, 2012

  • Added trips.txt 'wheelchair_accessible' proposal to spec: discussion

June 20, 2012

  • Added 'wheelchair_boarding' proposal to spec: discussion

February 2, 2012

  • Added 'stop_timezone' proposal to spec: discussion

January 18, 2012

September 26, 2011

September 6, 2011

  • Added 'agency_fare_url' proposal to spec: discussion
  • Added 'exact_times' proposal to spec: discussion

March 30, 2009

  • A new section on making a transit feed publicly available. This wasn't previously discussed on the group, because it wasn't strictly a change to how the data is interpreted or written. However, some of the folks at Google thought that it would be informative to include discussion of non-Google uses of GTFS, since there are an increasing number of applications that can make use of GTFS-formatted data.
  • CSV format clarifications: discussion.
  • Additional guidance on how to pick contrasting colors in the descriptions of the route_color and route_text_color fields.
  • trip_short_name, as proposed and tested in these threads: a and b.
  • A fix for a minor error in the sample data included at the end of the document (giving stop S7 the parent_station S8).
  • Added "agency_lang" information to the sample data at the end of the document, as suggested by Marcy during the comment period: discussion.
  • Updated the link to OCTA's GTFS feed in the sidebar
  • See original summary.

February 26, 2009

  • Removed most of the Google-specific feed submission instructions, since there are many other applications that consume GTFS data at this point.
  • Fixed a broken link in the sidebar to Orange County OCTA's public feed.

August 7, 2008

  • Restored the stop_url field, which was accidentally omitted in the August 6 version
  • Added agency_phone to sample data
  • Added a mention of the data use agreement when submitting a feed to Google

August 6, 2008

  • Added transfers.txt file, allowing the feed publishers to provide hints on preferred transfer behavior (original proposal)
  • Added location_type and parent_station fields to stops.txt, allowing stop points to be grouped into stations (original proposal)
  • Added agency_phone field for providing voice telephone number for an agency (original proposal)
  • Added "Testing Your Feeds" section mentioning open-source testing tools
  • Added clarifications about CSV format, agency_timezone, agency_lang, route_color, route_text_color, arrival_time, departure_time, calendar.txt vs. calendar_dates.txt, fare tables, and frequencies.txt
  • Added link to feed history document, and corrected some public feed links
  • Updated example images to depict the current Google Maps UI
  • Updated/fixed sample data in document

February 29, 2008

  • Added the stop_code field in stops.txt to allow for the specification of rider-facing stop codes (original proposal)
  • Clarified the descriptions of route_short_name and route_long_name in routes.txt
  • Clarified the descriptions of arrival_time and departure_time in stop_times.txt
  • Fixed typos in the Sample Data section

November 20, 2007

  • Clarified block_id description
  • Changed language to de-emphasize Google Transit (since non-Google applications are using GTFS, and transit routing is now an integrated feature of Google Maps), and to fix assorted typos
  • Updated example screenshots to reflect the presentation of GTFS fields in the current Google Maps UI
  • Updated the Google contact email address for transit data providers
  • Updated formatting

October 5, 2007

  • Changed stop_sequence and shape_pt_sequence to allow for any increasing non-negative integers
  • Clarified descriptions and fixed typos

May 31, 2007

  • Updated page style, made HTML cleaner and more accessible
  • Added links to public feed examples and other useful sites
  • Removed examples from individual field descriptions

April 9, 2007

  • Added section on submitting a feed.
  • Added the Example Demo Transit Agency feed.
  • Added note that calendar.txt can be omitted if all the service dates are defined in calendar_dates.txt.
  • Made the agency_id field optional in feeds containing only one agency. This allows existing feeds without agency_id to remain valid.
  • Added fuller specification of agency_url, stop_url, and route_url, and additional example values for those fields.
  • Added 6 (Gondola) and 7 (Funicular) as valid route_type values.

March 8, 2007

  • Minor edit to move the stop_url field from stop_times.txt, where it was incorrectly specified in the Feb. 28 update, to stops.txt, where it belongs.

March 5, 2007

  • Minor edit to clarify the description of the route_long_name field.

February 28, 2007

  • Addition of frequencies.txt for headway-based schedule support.
  • Multiple agencies now allowed in the same feed. Also added new agency_id field in both agencies.txt and routes.txt that lets you specify which route is operated by which agency.
  • Addition of per-route and per-stop URLs.
  • Addition of direction_id field in trips.txt.
  • Support for mid-trip headsign changes with addition of stop_headsign field in stop_times.txt.
  • Support for route colors with addition of optional route_color and route_text_color in routes.txt.
  • Removed the ability to specify stops using street addresses. The previous version of the spec allowed you to give the location of a transit stop using a street address in the stop_street, stop_city, stop_region, stop_postcode, and stop_country fields. Now stop locations must be given using stop_lat for latitude and stop_lon for longitude, which are more useful for most applications.
  • Addition of cable car vehicle type for route_type field in routes.txt.
  • See the original Headway blog post summary of the changes.

November 29, 2006

  • Added support for trip shape information via shapes.txt
  • Clarified the definition of stop_sequence
  • Marked pickup_type and drop_off_type optional

October 31, 2006

  • Added support for fare information
  • Removed dates from individual file names
  • Changed the route_type value definitions
  • Allowed for multiple feed files to be posted at the same time, as long as their service periods didn't overlap
  • Fixed block_id in trips.txt so that it was correctly marked Optional
  • Noted that column headers must be included

September 29, 2006

  • Minor edit to fix a couple errors in the examples.

September 25, 2006

  • Initial version.