The Tango project will be deprecated on March 1st, 2018.
Google is continuing AR development with ARCore, a new platform designed for building augmented reality apps for a broad range of devices without the requirement for specialized hardware.

In addition to working with our OEM partners on new devices, Google is also working closely with Asus, as one of our early Tango partners, to ensure that ZenFone AR will work with ARCore. We'll be back with more information soon on how existing and new ZenFone AR users will get access to ARCore apps.

Managing Permissions

Tango applications must ask users for permission before using the device's camera. Users may either grant or deny access to the Tango features based on their preference for each application. For more information, see the UX section on Requesting Permissions.

This page discusses how users may view and change their current permissions.

Viewing permissions

The Tango Permissions list is part of the device's Settings application. This list allows you to see which applications have been granted access to Area Learning and Datasets. Use the tabs at the top of the Permissions settings to see and modify those permission lists.

You can view and revoke permissions for applications using Tango at any time using the Permissions settings. If you revoke a permission from an application and run that application in the future, it will request that permission again.

Uninstalling an application will automatically erase its permission records in the Permissions settings.

Revoking permissions

To revoke permissions for a feature in an application, navigate to Settings > Device > Tango > Permissions and then follow these steps:

  1. Note that on the Permissions screen, there are tabs that display the names of the Area Learning and Datasets features.

  2. To display the applications that have granted permissions to a particular feature, click the tab for the feature.

  3. To revoke permissions for an application, touch the word REVOKE to the right of the application name.

  4. To confirm the revoke process and remove the application from the Permissions list, click CONFIRM. To cancel the revoke process, click CANCEL.

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