The Tango project will be deprecated on March 1st, 2018.
Google is continuing AR development with ARCore, a new platform designed for building augmented reality apps for a broad range of devices without the requirement for specialized hardware.

In addition to working with our OEM partners on new devices, Google is also working closely with Asus, as one of our early Tango partners, to ensure that ZenFone AR will work with ARCore. We'll be back with more information soon on how existing and new ZenFone AR users will get access to ARCore apps.

Download the Tango SDK

Tango SDK files

Terms & Conditions

By downloading the Tango SDK, you agree that the Google APIs Terms of Service govern your use of the SDK.

The Tango SDK is under active development; please keep this in mind as you explore its capabilities. See our Release Notes for information on the most recent changes to the SDK. If you discover any issues, feel free to communicate with us via the methods described on our Support page.

The latest version of the Java and C SDKs is Ikariotikos (Version 1.54, June 2017).

The latest version of the Unity SDK is Ikariotikos (Version 1.54, June 2017).

PackageSizeSHA1 Checksum
Unity SDK
Tango SDK for Unity20.0 MB bbe2b33cabd2b009d96bbe29ec9687306809888a
Java APIs
Java components are also available through JCenter. (instructions)
Tango SDK for Java 100.0 KB0f8f8d813ed29c548491ae97e893cf200bea3ece
Support Library 16.0 MBce7590b0d7aec52e9d8d5515bba497514ee477c7
UX Library (deprecated)164.0 KBb90f605c78b22c639bd35e46e9ca90fcc5e5b4c9
Tango SDK for C 536 KB 0079d7df980c76116e26d5d86f868a2c11e867bb
Support Library 2.5 MB cef026d9568b8d61b97d61b84281180dae717e48
3D Reconstruction Library12.0 MB5d8739ba7ecffcf8469998461f69a3fd2ac731a9

Tango Applications

Application packages for your Tango device.


If your device does not already have the Tango Core app installed on it, please go to the Play Store and download the required Tango Core APK, which installs the system level service for Tango capabilities. These capabilities are accessible via our API/SDK.


Check out some of the experiments and developer tools developed by the Tango team.

Tango Development Kit files can be found here.