The Tango project will be deprecated on March 1st, 2018.
Google is continuing AR development with ARCore, a new platform designed for building augmented reality apps for a broad range of devices without the requirement for specialized hardware.

In addition to working with our OEM partners on new devices, Google is also working closely with Asus, as one of our early Tango partners, to ensure that ZenFone AR will work with ARCore. We'll be back with more information soon on how existing and new ZenFone AR users will get access to ARCore apps.

Tango Developer Experiments and Tools

Here are some experimental apps that were developed for Tango devices. We hope they inspire you to create even better applications.

See the Tango Featured Apps section in the Play Store for more apps you can try.


AR Pets

Tango AR Pets is a demonstration of how to use motion tracking and depth perception to bring AR objects into your environment using Unity. In this app, you can play with four virtual pets and see them interact with your space.

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Tango Targets

Tango Targets uses motion tracking and depth perception to allow you to use your Tango-enabled device to shoot targets as quickly as possible while trying to not get hit by pies.

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Tangosaurs is a technical demonstration built with Unity that showcases Tango technology. The application uses motion tracking, depth perception, and area learning to take users on a hunt for fossils. To use Tangosaurs, you’ll want to make sure you have enough open space (at least 10 ft. by 10 ft.) for the experience.

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Cube Mover

Tango Cube Mover was built using Unity to show how to use Tango’s motion tracking capability to unlock the secret "cube shooting area" as quickly as possible. You'll walk around in the virtual world by walking around in the real world, so to play this game you'll need room to walk around freely.

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Wizard Demo

Tango Wizard Demo was built using Unity and uses motion tracking to control the movement of a character within a virtual environment. This game showcases the potential of creating indoor games using Tango capabilities.

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