Known Issues


  • The current version of the Tango APIs are designed for a single app using Tango Service in the foreground. Multi-app usage is undefined so do not plan on users switching between multiple active Tango apps at this time.
  • Cameras will occasionally crash and cannot be opened. For Tango applications, when they start, the API call TangoService_connect() will always return an error after 10 seconds and the app cannot continue. A reboot is usually required when this happens.


  • Occasionally, or when under high CPU load, the depth flash may appear in the color image, or no depth points are returned. Let the device cool down and/or reboot.


  • ADFs may become tilted with respect to gravity and you’ll find the horizon is no longer correct when relocalizing. You will need to delete the ADF and make a new one if this happens.


  • The default landscape device orientation is uncommon. Some existing apps, especially those built with Unity, may not rotate correctly. See One Screen Turn Deserves Another for more information.

Unity SDK

  • The VideoOverlay feature of the SDK does not work when multithread rendering is turned on.

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