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SessionSendTask Class

An XMPP helper task object used by SessionManagerTask to send XMPP stanzas. SessionSendTask is used to send and receive once only; calling Send a second time before the first reply is received will reset it to listen for the new stanza. This object is destroyed when the reply is received. The methods shown are not thread-safe, and can be called on any thread, but you should call them from the signaling thread.


class SessionSendTask : public buzz::XmppTask 


The following table lists the key public methods of SessionSendTask.

Name Description
void Start() Call this method after calling Send to send the stanza.
void Send(const buzz::XmlElement *stanza) Call this method to specify the outgoing stanza. After calling this method, call Start to send the stanza.
SessionSendTask(Task *parent, SessionClient *session_client) Constructor that specifies which object will be notified when the reply to the sent stanza is received.


Attributes: public

Declaration file: talk/p2p/client/sessionmanagertask.h