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PresencePushTask Class

An XMPP helper class that monitors for presence notifications sent by the server. When they are received, they send a signal with the status information wrapped in a class. To receive these messages, connect to the SignalStatusUpdate signal. You should use this class to monitor when another user goes offline. If the client has a session with a user that has gone offline without sending a termination message, you can either send a notification to the user ("Jim has gone offline") or end the session. The methods shown are not thread-safe, and can be called on any thread, but you should call them from the signaling thread.


class PresencePushTask : public XmppTask


The following table lists the important public methods of PresencePushTask.

Name Description
bool HandleStanza() Returns a boolean value indicating whether or not this is a presence stanza and can be handled by this class.
PresencePushTask(Task* parent) Constructor. The parent parameter is the XmppClient object created by the application.
virtual int ProcessStart() Called this method to start listening for messages.


SignalStatusUpdate< const buzz::Status& >
Sent when a status message is received about another user.


Attributes: public

Declaration file: talk/examples/login/presencepushtask.h