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PresenceOutTask Class

An XMPP helper task that sends the current user's status to a XMPP server. The task does not wait for a reply (XMPP does not define a reply), but ends itself once the status stanza has been sent. See CallClient::InitPresence in callclient.cc for example code. The methods shown are not thread-safe, and can be called on any thread, but you should call them from the signaling thread.


class PresenceOutTask : public XmppTask


The following table lists the important public methods of PresenceOutTask.

Name Description
XmppReturnStatus Send(const Status & s) Sends the current user's status to the XMPP server.
XmppReturnStatus SendDirected(const Jid & j, const Status & s) Sends the current user's status to a specific user on the XMPP server. The JID must be the full jid of the user, not a bare JID.
XmppReturnStatus SendProbe(const Jid& jid) Sends a request for the presence of a particular user, identified by their full JID.
virtual int ProcessStart() Starts the task running.


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Attributes: public

Declaration file: talk/examples/login/presenceouttask.h