We announced a new communications product, Hangouts, in May 2013. Hangouts will replace Google Talk and does not support XMPP.

Version Changelist

The following changes have been made to succeeding versions of the libjingle SDK.

0.5.2 (January 11, 2011)

  • Fixed build on Windows 7 with VS 2010.
  • Fixed build on Windows x64.
  • Fixed build on Mac OSX.
  • Added an option to the "examples/call" to enable encrypted calls.
  • Improved logging.
  • Bug fixes.

0.5.1 (November 2, 2010)

  • Added support for call encryption.
  • Added addtional XEP-166 and XEP-167 features:
    • Call redirection
    • Candidates in session-accept or session-initiate
  • Added support for bandwidth control.
  • Added features in examples/call:
    • Bandwidth control on initiate or accept
    • Turn on/off SSL
    • Control signaling protocol
    • Send chat message

0.5.0 (September 16, 2010)

  • Implemented Jingle protocols XEP-166 and XEP-167.
  • Backward compatible with Google Talk Call Signaling protocol implemented in previous versions.
  • Builds on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X with swtoolkit.
  • Removed GipsLiteMediaEngine.
  • Added video support.
  • Added FileMediaEngine to support both voice and video via RTP dump.
  • Many bug fixes.

0.4.0 (February 1, 2007)

  • Updated p2p sample code -- The tunnel session client example was replaced by a file sharing sample that uses HTTP protocol to exchange files.
  • New peer to peer stack -- The data pathway has been modified, with the removal of the P2PSocket class, and addition of other helper classes. (P2PSocket has been replaced by an additional layer of abstraction, managed by Transport.)
  • Removal of SessionMessage --  SessionMessage, a class that was used to wrap custom XML data in the session negotiation channel, has been removed. All session-specific information (such as file names and codecs) are now delivered as raw XML stanzas to the SessionClient and Session objects.
  • Proxy support -- New code has been added to detect and support proxies automatically. See base/proxydetect, base/autodetectproxy, and base/socketadapters for details.
  • Threading changes:
    • A new base class to create threaded objects has been created. This class, signalthread, runs on its own thread, emits a signal when done, and destroys itself.
    • The file sharing application, unlike the tunnel sharing application, is single-threaded.
  • New stream wrapper files -- libjingle 0.4.0 now includes several new stream wrapper classes to provide additional I/O functionality. New classes include TarStream, to read and write tar files, and StreamCounter, to count the number of bytes read or written in a stream.