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About libjingle

libjingle is a collection of open-source C++ code and sample applications that enables you to build a peer-to-peer application. The code handles creating a network connection (through NAT and firewall devices, relay servers, and proxies), negotiating session details (codecs, formats, etc.), and exchanging data. It also provides helper tasks such as parsing XML, and handling network proxies. You could build the following programs with libjingle:

  • A multi-user voice chat application
  • A multi-user video conferencing application
  • A multi-user live music streaming application
  • A peer-to-peer file sharing application

libjingle is available on Google Code for both Windows and UNIX/Linux operating systems. This documentation supplements the readme files included with the code.

We are providing this source code as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting consumer choice and interoperability in Internet-based real-time-communications. This code is made available under a Berkeley-style license, which means you are free to incorporate it into commercial and non-commercial software and distribute it.

Start with the Developer Guide page to learn how to use libjingle.

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