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Resource representations

Representation of an individual pre-defined panel object defining a targeted audience of opinion rewards mobile app users.

  "mobileAppPanelId": string,
  "name": string,
  "owners": [
  "isPublicPanel": boolean,
  "country": string,
  "language": string
Property name Value Description Notes
country string Country code for the country of the users that the panel contains. Uses standard ISO 3166-1 2-character language codes. For instance, 'US' for the United States, and 'GB' for the United Kingdom. Any survey created targeting this panel must also target the corresponding country.
isPublicPanel boolean Whether or not the panel is accessible to all API users.
language string Language code that the panel can target. For instance, 'en-US'. Uses standard BCP47 language codes. See specification. Any survey created targeting this panel must also target the corresponding language.
mobileAppPanelId string Unique panel ID string. This corresponds to the mobile_app_panel_id used in Survey Insert requests.
name string Human readable name of the audience panel.
owners[] list List of email addresses for users who can target members of this panel. Must contain at least the address of the user making the API call for panels that are not public. This field will be empty for public panels.


Retrieves a MobileAppPanel that is available to the authenticated user.
Lists the MobileAppPanels available to the authenticated user.
Updates a MobileAppPanel. Currently the only property that can be updated is the owners property.

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