The Google Surveys REST API will be deprecated effective April 19th, 2019. After this time, the API end point will be disabled, resulting in errors to all Surveys API calls. Please contact your Surveys account manager or if you have any questions.

Question Configuration Guide

Open Ended with Image

Ask the respondents an Open Ended question with an uploaded image of your choice.

Accepts GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats. Images larger than 300x250 pixels will be shrunk to that size. Animated GIFs are not allowed.

Here are some tips for effective use of this question type: This question type should not ask the respondents two or more questions at a time. Limit your question to only one survey question. If the unit of the answer is not stated in the question—“How long does it take for you to receive a delivery you made online?” vs. “How many days does it take for you to receive a delivery you made online?”—we recommend having a placeholder text that says: “30 mins / 2 days / 3 weeks.”

...minimal configuration

    'questions': [
        'question': 'Why is the answer 42?',
        'type': 'multipleChoiceQuestion',
        'Decimal representation of 101010.',
        'Tibetan monks.',
        'Its complicated.',
        'It was a joke.'

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