The Google Surveys REST API will be deprecated effective April 19th, 2019. After this time, the API end point will be disabled, resulting in errors to all Surveys API calls. Please contact your Surveys account manager or if you have any questions.

Question Configuration Guide

Multiple Answer with Image

It is possible to create a Multiple Answer type question that includes an image along with the question.

This type of question displays a large image with up to 7 options shown at once, including the default "None of the above" option. Users can select one or more options. Accepts GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats. Images larger than 300x250 pixels will be shrunk to that size. Animated GIFs are not allowed. Avoid using this answer option if you have conflicting answer choices in your question, such as a simple “Yes” or “No." Use Menu with Image or Two Choices with Image instead.

For this type of question, there is no need to create your own opt-out answer, as there is already an automatic “None of the above” answer choice provided. For this question type, answer options can be randomized or in a fixed order. This question type can be used to screen respondents.

...minimal configuration

For a minimal configuration, you set the type parameter to multipleAnswersWithImage.

"questions": [
  "question": "This logo conveys a sense of:",
  "type": "multipleAnswersWithImage",

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