"Street View mobile ready" specifications

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These specs detail all hardware and data requirements for 360 video cameras that can be controlled through a mobile app—and publish to Street View—without the need for a desktop workflow.


  • ≥7.5MP
  • Capable of recording video at ≥5fps
  • 360º horizontal FOV
  • ≥120º, contiguous vertical FOV
  • On-device stitching
  • Google will review image and geometry quality

Camera architecture

The six degrees of freedom (6-DOF) transformation (relative position and orientation) between each sensor’s and each camera’s frame of reference (FOR) must be specified with respect to the accelerometer FOR. The sensor FOR must be as defined in the sensor’s data sheet and aligned with the sensor’s physical placement in the device. The FOR for each camera has the positive z-axis pointing away from the device into the field of view of the camera along the optical axis, the x-axis points to the right, the y-axis points down from top to bottom, and the origin of the FOR is at the camera’s optical center.

The 6-DOF transformation (3-DOF for position and 3-DOF for orientation) of each sensor or camera is represented as a 3x4 transformation matrix T = [R p], where R is the 3x3 rotation matrix representing the orientation of the sensor or camera FOR in the accelerometer FOR, and p is the 3x1 position vector (x, y, z) in meters representing the origin of the sensor or camera FOR in the accelerometer FOR.

The requested transformations can be from a computer-aided design (CAD) model of the device and do not need to be device-specific to account for manufacturing variations.

IMU and magnetometer

Street View mobile ready cameras must include an IMU, such as the BMI160 or ST-LSM6DSM, and a magnetometer, such as the BMM150. Any accompanying software must support the conveyance of this IMU and magnetometer metadata.

API support

Wi-Fi-enabled 360 cameras must support the control of basic camera operations via the Open Spherical Camera API (OSC API). Additional support for upload via the Street View Publish API is optional but not required. Support for OSC API control over USB 3.1 connections is also optional but not required.

Product evaluation

When you’re ready to submit a compatible product for certification review—or if you have questions in the meantime—contact us.