Market your compatible products as "Street View ready"

Google Maps Street View is one of our most popular brands and among the best-known within the 360 industry. Through this program, developers can leverage the brand when marketing products that have been verified by Google as having the capabilities of publishing 360 imagery to Street View. Please note that this program does not apply to any operational or mechanical functions. "Street View ready" status can be gained if your product meets either of the standards below.

Street View ready (pro grade)

Street View ready (pro grade) specs for Street View-compatible 360 cameras tailored for in-motion recording with a high degree of accuracy and image quality

Street View ready

Street View ready specs for cameras and/or publishing utilities that upload to Street View

Product evaluation

To begin, review the program specifications above that best match your product. When you’re ready to submit a compatible product for review — or if you have questions in the meantime — let us know!

Badge use and general promotion

After your product is approved, you’ll then be welcome to use a "Street View ready" badge, subject to our branding guidelines. We may choose to promote your product within our website and app or discuss additional co-promotion opportunities with you.