Launchpad Studio is a six-month product development acceleration program for applied machine learning startups.

About Launchpad Studio

Launchpad Studio is a fully tailored product development acceleration program that matches top machine learning startupsand experts from Silicon Valey with the best of Google - its people, network, and advanced technologies - to help accelerate applied machine learning and AI innovation.

While we're currently focused on working with startups in the healthcare and biotech space, we'll soon be announcing other industry verticals, and any startup applying AI or machine learning technology to a specific industry vertical can apply on a rolling basis.

The Program

Based in San Francisco, at the Google Developers Launchpad Space, Launchpad Studio works with startups to successfully complete a machine learning focused project during the term of the program.

Startups receive

  • All-expense-paid training at Google HQ in Silicon Valley
  • Fully customized tracks per industry
  • Personalized mentorship from Google, Silicon Valley, and industry experts
  • Equity-free support
  • Google Cloud credits
  • Access to hardware and datasets
  • Ongoing support and community engagement after project completion

Program participants

Our first track announced in November 2017 focuses on the application of machine learning in healthcare and biotechnology verticals.


Augmedix is a platform powered by Glass that allows doctors to focus more fully on patient care.


BrainQ identifies brain wave patterns in patients following neurological disorders, enhancing treatment and recovery.


Byteflies' wearables measure patient vital signs and give healthcare providers medical insights.


Cytovale diagnoses sepsis in hospital emergency department patients.