Revision History

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Banking FOP v2 Specification Revision History

This is a revision history noting significant changes to the Banking FOP APIs.

Date API Version Change Description APIs Impacted
2021-08-25 0.0.7 Add PIAID segment to POST URLs. Google-hosted
2021-07-20 0.0.6 Update host documentation. All
2021-03-30 0.0.5 PayeeProxyKey Virtual Payment Address
The GetPayeeProxyDisplayInfo request now contains a new proxy type of Virtual Payment Address.
2020-10-27 0.0.4 GetPayeeProxyDisplayInfo association ID
The GetPayeeProxyDisplayInfo request now contains an optional association ID. This value is only present if the request originated from a user session.
2020-08-24 0.0.3 Empty object definition
Small refactor of the Empty object
GetTransactionStatus, Disburse, TransferFunds
2020-08-10 0.0.2 TransferFunds result type
ChargeUnderLimit has optional min amount in response. All results in the AssociateAccountWithVendorGeneratedToken response now have an optional rawResult field.
TransferFunds, AssociateAccountWithVendorGeneratedToken
2020-08-05 0.0.1 Added revision history file None